Meet the collaborators

We aren't your normal bunch of social media designers, we are social media ADVENTURERS! Because why be normal when you are meant to stand out?! Our team consists of the most dedicated, sparkling, and creative minds native to the community we serve! ORLANDO. 

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Katy Rollo

Hello! I'm Katy Rollo.

Creative Director and Orlando Marketeer Founder with years of experience in Sales, Digital/Promotional Marketing, and strategic business operations. I love helping businesses create their identity and connect with their customers!! I am a local Orlando native, from the Conway/Downtown area and enthusiast about all social aspects of life!

matthew rollo, here!

Field Operations Director and the behind-the-scenes guy that makes all of the magic happen here at OM. Aficionado in Email Marketing Campaigns, SEO Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns!

Matthew Rollo