Fact : Content is still KING. 



the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time


graphic design

Your brand images & design should speak to what your target audiences care about and value. First impressions are lasting, so it's important to create continuity between all platforms. 

brand boards

A Brand Board is an at-a-glance document containing all your brand elements, from your color palette to your main logo.


A Logo is an emblem, graphic mark or symbol used to aid in public recognition. It will be a true look of your brand to be used across all platforms and collateral materials.

collateral materials

Collateral materials can consist of flyers, postcards, menus, business cards, blog/social media graphics & headers, gift certificates, vouchers, letterheads, mailing envelopes, etc. 

how the process works:

We'll collaborate a design based on your brand board & usage of the materials. 
The OM team will start designing your materials. We will submit for review constantly for feedback and continuity. 
Project is finalized and sent for approval. Project is saved and sent to you in a permanent file future uses.

PlanninG + Design + Finalization



  • Brand Board with color palette, typography, patterns

  • Primary Logo

  • Alternative Logo

  • Sub-mark 

  • Customized Email Signature Template

  • 2 Custom social media headers for Facebook

  • Business Card design



  • Brand Board

  • Primary Logo

  • Alternative Logo

  • Sub-mark 


Custom materials

  • Business Cards

  • Post Cards

  • Menus

  • Flyers

  • Magnets

  • ETC