7 Best Types of Instagram Posts to Increase Engagement and Followers

It's 2017. Small businesses cannot thrive without being present on social media!!! But, there is a difference from being on social media and being ACTIVE on social media!

The obvious will be stated here- post consistently. At LEAST once a day. Instagram runs on an algorithm and if you want to be seen, this is KEY!

The second obvious (or maybe not) is use HASHTAGS! We will be blogging more about this soon, but this can increase followers and help you reach your target market if used correctly!


People like to see that your company/brand is TRUSTED and well-liked! The best way to show this is by reposting or regraming customer photos!

Create your own hashtags for your brand and use them when posting photos. Ask your customers to use them too or tag you and you will have a plethora of customer photos to choose from! Here's a great example below from one of my favorite brands! Vans :

They are sharing a customers photo (and a really freaking great one, right?!) that's well branded and shows off the style of one of their MOST POPULAR and BEST SELLING shoes! The SK8-HI SLIM


These kinds of posts are super intriguing.


Because we all want to see those behind the scenes photo! These photos make us feel more CONNECTED with the brand/company. They give us a cool insight to how things work and it makes things feel more personal!

For this, I've gotta shout out my MOST FAVORITE pizza ever, right in the heart of Connecticut and continuously voted one of the Best Pizza Places in the US which is Frank Pepe's Pizzeria shown below at the grand opening at one of their locations working that brick oven!

Now, they might not have the biggest following but they have a SUPER LOYAL following and are always voted the best pizza! Hungry yet?!


Yes. That's right. These photos continuously rank as the top rated photos on Instagram. When using the correct hashtags, you can receive a ton of likes and get many followers in the process! Who doesn't like to be inspired, right?!

I'm using two examples here so you can see the how they can be beneficial to someone with only a few hundred followers and someone with a million followers!

Below, my own personal IG photo on @OrlandoMarketeer got over 240 likes and helped me gain 20 followers. At the time posted, I only had 100 followers! You can see how effective it is with the proper hashtags!

Also, the famous IG account below @MillionaireMentor who is well know for posting motivational quotes and their use of affiliate marketing!


Who DOESN'T like free stuff?! This generates a TON of followings and likes when requested in the contest terms. It's pretty self-explanatory on how this works! And this account below went VIRAL with their hot one piece red bikini giveaway! Looks at those likes! If I remember correctly, this account maybe had between 1,000-2,000 followers before posting. Now? 560K. 😮


An obvious, I'm sure. But still so effective, especially when using awesome graphics that show off what your selling. It's like online shopping- check out everything you want before you buy! Back to Vans, but this time the @VansGirls with this eye catching photo below!

Just because of this photo, I want to buy new white Slip-Ons.


These type of photos are super popular for the bloggers and influencers on Instagram and are so visually appealing! Great for businesses too and a perfect way to display marketing materials and products! You can purchase stock photos on many websites or make them yourself! Check out one of my own below!

Thanks for checking out our blog, be sure to SHARE, LIKE and COMMENT if you felt this was helpful!

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