How to use Hashtags to increase followers on Instagram

#HASHTAG : An Instagram hashtag is a word or phrase comprised of letters, numbers, and/or emoji preceded by what was once referred to as the pound symbol (#).

Hashtags help categorize content, making that content easier to search and be found on Instagram.

This above information is what makes using them on social media (particularly, IG) so important for business! HELP YOURSELF by increasing your brands visibility with hashtags!


1. Create your own branded hashtag. This hashtag should be either your company name, company product, or something creative that can be easily recognized & associated with your company.

Put this on your marketing materials, use it in your posts on IG and ask followers to post their photos with your branded hashtag in order to increase company visibility! Your branded hashtag is also very useful when running campaigns or contests on IG and will help you identify entries for the contest easier when used.

2. Use specific or niche hashtags. Posting content is all about increasing brand awareness and gaining followers/customers, right? So it doesn't make much sense to use irrelevant hashtags.

The #dog hashtag has over 141 million tags on instagram, making it extremely popular but it would make NO sense for a company who is selling beauty products to use. Get the point?

Instead, use hashtags that are specific to the audience that you are trying to reach. If you are a Social Media Agency like we are, hashtagging #socialmediamarketing would be beneficial for those seeking an agency on IG!

3. Research your hashtags! One very easy way to do this is by looking at other influencers/competitors in your niche market. See what they hashtags they are using and what's working for them. Copy them down and add some of your own!

Another way to research hashtags is to type them in the search bar feature under "Tags". For example, if you type "social" into the tags search bar, you will see many other relevant suggestions that are close to this word and the number for how many posts are tagged with that hashtag. Remember, a large number next to a hashtag may mean a large number of people following that hashtag, but it also means there’s a ton of content your post could get buried in. I suggest trying out some that have between 10K to 1 million, for good visibility.

4. Use a mix of researched and popular hashtags. I would suggest no more than 5 (MAX) of the popular ones but ONLY IF THEY ARE RELEVANT to your niche market or to what you are posting. When used properly, this can help expand your reach quickly and gain you new followers. If overused, you may get lost quickly in a ton of content. Mix it up and involve both hashtags!

Want a good list of the most popular hashtags on IG for 2017? Click Here!

Hope these Quick Tips are helpful!

As always, LIKE - SHARE - COMMENT!!!

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